Welcome to the Heights Section of Jersey City, NJ

CASID Press Release

Central Avenue Celebrates Mother's Day with Flowers and Great Sidewalk Sale Bargains


Boy Scouts in ActionBecause Moms always know a good bargain when they see one, they come to Central Avenue for the Sidewalk Sales and stay for the various dining options. Every year, the CASID attempts to do something special to celebrate Mother’s Day with the local community. In addition to a 4x30 ft banner in the middle of the district greeting shoppers with a “Happy Mother’s Day” reminder, the CASID distributed 1,200 pink carnations to moms walking along the Avenue during the weekend.

To help distribute the flowers, Boy Scouts of America Troop 466 volunteered their services to greet Moms on the Avenue with a smile and “Happy Mothers Day” wishes from the local business community. The CASID would like to thank Boy Scouts of America Troop Leaders Lou Cappeluti, Richard Peters, and the entire Boy Scout Troop 466 for their assistance. The Boy Scouts doing an outstanding to make shopping for Mother’s Day a little more special in Jersey City.